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Service is a brand strength and commitment for Josun. With solid strength, Jiangsu Josun Air Conditioner Co., Ltd can provide pre-sale, sales and after-sales service during the product lifetime. Josun will try his best to serve customers heart and soul. He insists customer is supreme. Josun gradually set up an excellent global service system.


Pre-sale service


Before the project, Josun takes an active to communicate with purchaser and design institutes, so that Josun can provide accurate technical documents. What’s more, Josun can send project designer to do field survey on site. As a result, Josun can know their demands. Josun can offer detailed technical consult and service.


Josun delivers technical disclosure to users and provides approval documents and drawings timely. Josun will also arrange some effective technical training.


——Pre-sale Service Of System Design


——Pre-sale Service Of Custom-made Equipments



In-sale service



During in-sale service, we will arrange process control, installation guidance, technical training, commissioning and other service to ensure the products quality.

Process control

During the process of assembly, we invite some technicians to test and inspect the produce process. On site, we can provide our drawings, inspection standard, test outline, process specification, technical specification, technical disclosure and other documents. We try to make sure every product qualified.

Installation guidance

Josun will inform users of notice during installation. Josun will send technical engineer to do site installation guidance and help users solve various problems depending on user’s demands. Josun tries to install well at the first time.

Technical training

Josun will arrange some technical and theoretical training for users for better and easier operation & maintenance. In addition, Josun will provide users with training materials and VCDs for normal study. When commissioning, Josun can teach users some operation skills.


After installed, if user agrees, Josun will prepare all tools and gauges for commissioning. Josun will send technical engineer to do site commissioning to ensure the stable operation of units.


After-sale service


Josun has set 13 sales and after-sale stations in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhanjiang, Sanya, Qingdao, Dalian, Fuzhou, Zhoushan and other city centre in order to offer nice service. What’s more, Josun has set 21 overseas stations for global sales and service.

After-sale service team


After-service team is composed of 30 technicians, installation men and engineers. Most service men are college school graduates with more than 5-years experience. They can find the failure cause of each type air conditioning and refrigeration plant in a short time.


After-sale service guarantee


— Josun will be responsible for the cost of repair, exchange and return for the products within 18 months after delivery except human failure.

— Human failure within guarantee period, Josun can offer some technical assistance. Josun can provide all kinds of spare parts and tools and send them to destination.

— We are to response within 48 hours if we receive any demands. After-sales department will send skilled and specialized person to the place where needed to provide high—quality service.

— If accessory needs exchanging, Josun will offer them and charge for the original cost.


Guarantee periods


For long-term safe and reliable operation, Josun offers one year guarantee period after delivery and can offer technician and technical assistance for those projects all times.

— Josun can offer technician and technical assistance for our products within guarantee periods.

— Out of guarantee, Josun can send serviceman to test and inspect the units regularly and do a maintenance every year.

— All the spare parts and wore parts can enjoy a discount all its life.

— Josun are willing to give some useful advices on other company’s products maintenance to ensure normal operation.

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