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1.Production Ability

Advanced workshop and complete producing equipment are the guarantee of company's production capacity. Josun has 5 big workshops, they are marine AC workshop, special AC workshop, fan workshop, wind power cooler workshop and insulation materials workshop. In addition, Josun also has 5 parts workshop, they are sheet-metal workshop, machine cutting shop, condenser & evaporator workshop, electric workshop and painting workshop.

At the same time, Josun has Prima numerical control laser cutting machine, Numerical control fin processing line, Numerical control bending machine, Straightening and cutting machine, Nisshinbo high speed thick rotation tower numerical control punch, Messer numerical control plasma cutting machine and Painting Room.

In 2014, Josun produced 3329 sets of refrigeration plant and 13168 sets of fans.


2.Test and Experiment

Detection devices and instruments are the major means to detect and test products, therefore, our testing center has various laboratories and testing platforms and equips a large number of detection devices and instruments, gauges for detection. 

5 test rooms are equipped, They are artificial environment test room, ECR, enthalpy difference room, high-low temp test room and refrigeration test room, as well as 2 test platforms, fan test platform and water chiller test platform. All above are to control the product quality and ensure 100% qualified rate.



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