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Josun's Vison

Josun is expected to be the leader in the special air conditioning field.




Josun's Values



Honesty is the sole standard for all staffs to fix their positions.



Serve customers, serve employees, serve investors and serve the society.



Make every effort to change, and strive to innovation.



Learning is the foundation of innovation. We encourage to accumulate knowledge through learning, stimulate innovation, make the enterprise and the individual upgrade and improve mutually. 



Work as per the objective laws, the system and the process strictly.  Don't make any excuse, do our level best, execute, execute and then re-execute. 




Joson's Team Expects



Have the courage to surpass ourselves and past, face to new challenge and environment to adapt the continuous development.



One team, one voice, one goal. We take personal responsibility, and take customer satisfaction as our center. 



More professional team, management, products and service, continue to innovate 



Active participation, honest and fair to affect others. Face to future and develop ourselves. 

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