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Josun has been concerned about the public welfare, and undertake public welfare as a social responsibility and corporate mission.


From its inception, under the leadership of labor union, Josun actively participates in various activities of the love outreach every year .


In order to further improve the public welfare, carry forward Josun love tradition, in February 7, 2014 we specifically set up "Josun charity fund"!


The source of the fund

1. The company annual donations to the fund

2. The organization of the company donation

3. The initiative donations from company staff

4. Customers, suppliers and other social donations


Responsibility of Josun charity fund 

        - help students    - help the poor   - help the people in trouble



Love fund activities cucoloris

Enthusiastic to help students



Help the employees in trouble




Recipients of the masses sent banners and letters of thanks




Help student  activities of 2014




The team of love





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