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Josun Air Conditioner appearance in the 14th Singapore Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition successfully

From March 16,2016 to March19,2016, the 14th Singapore Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition held in Singapore Jinsha exhibition center!

Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition veteran exhibitors—Josun as the largest marine air conditioning integration and service providers in China, with its subsidiary company BKE in Singapore, on behalf of China marine HVAC&R manufacturers to appearance in the exhibition!

Singapore has always with a favorable geographical position, highly open free trade and highly efficient working mode to be the largest seaport in Southeast Asia, an important commercial city and entrepot trade center. At the same time led to the vigorous development of maritime shipping, ports, shipbuilding, marine engineering, logistics and transport of a series of industrial chain.

And Josun Air Conditioner to explore the global market journey in Singapore is also a starting point.

In 2006,Josun Air Conditioner established global customer service center in Singapore; 

In 2010,Josun established BIEKING company in Singapore, steadily develop the international market

Singapore Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition is one of the most important maritime exhibition in Asia Pacific, to show the latest marine engineering and port

Technology. In this exhibition, the general manager of Josun Qin Bojin is personally led the team, with the employees of Singapore BKE to take part in the whole exhibition, to show Josun style to the global customers.

In the exhibition, Josun Air Conditioner exhibit the advanced self-contained air conditioner, fan, ventilation accessories and other products, and brought the latest technology to the exhibition to share with the global guest, take Chinese manufacturing out of the country, go to the world arena.

In 2016, Josun Air Conditioner will also participate in the United States, Brazil, Denmark and other countries of the Maritime Exhibition. At the appointed time, we  will look forward to your presence at the exhibition site!

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