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Josun Group succeed in holding 2015“Loving heart donation” event

2015.8.25 14:00,Josun Group headquarter Reception hall is permeated with a warm and sweet atmosphere:Josun Group 2015“Loving heart donation” was succeed held here. Ms Zhao jianhua chairman of the labor union、Mr. Yan Fei from  municipal Civil affairs bureau、Mr. Youyang, the secretary of Taixing high school, Ms.Chen yuying and Zhang jun from Josun Loving heat foundation, Josun workers representative and students and their parents joined this event. There were 15 hardworking students received the donation in this event.

With the strongly support of all sectors of society,Josun Group never forgot to bear the social responsibility when seeking business growth. Since 2014 Josun Loving heart donation foundation established, aid the poor workers family, condole the poor students has became the regular work of Josun people. A drop of water can reflect the sun's shining, a love is enough to reflect the warmth of the society, the compassion donation is a good emotional, more of a broad mind——Love, because of caring and saintly, heart, forever because of gratitude. Through the donation,Josun people are endeavoring a “every heart has love,every people will donate his heart company environment,forward the loving heart,realize the harmony development of our group.

Send person rose, the hand have lingering fragrance, compassion, harvest hope! Josun wishes every student who received the donation, cherish the time, grasp the opportunity repay society with excellent performance and care about their own people, let loving flowers bloom forever。

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