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  • Snow Dragon Snow Dragon

    Snow dragon is the biggest polar scientific investigation vessel of China, and also the only one can move with icebreaking in polar. Snow dragon vessel resists the cold, can break throuth 1.2m thick ice layer(include 0.2m snow) with 1.5 knots speed continuously, it is the only ice breaker vessel which has complete fuct...

  • Da Yang Yi Hao Da Yang Yi Hao

    Dayang 1 is a 5600 Tons ocean scientific investigation vessel. Since 1995, Dayang 1 excuted 7 ocean mineral resorce researchs and several times continental shelf investigation. Josun AC provided the integrated HVAC solution, equipments and service for Dayang 1, insured the success of our country ocean scientific invest...

  • Ocean 6 Ocean 6

    Combustible ice comprehensive investigation vessel "ocean 6" was built up in Wuchang shipyard in october 2008 which was the first one designed by China ships and marine engineering design institute. The chief designer Zhang binyan academician presented at the ceremony and cutted the ribbon for the lauching ceremony. Th...

  • Yuanwang3 Yuanwang3

    Yuanwang3 is the second generation comprehensive aerospace ocean observe and control vessel of our countru, its main task is measuring and controlling for the omnidistance of satellite, airship and otherspacecraft. This vessel concentrated the scientifi ensence of 1990s, collected the advanced technic of vessel, mechin...

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